An interesting day…

Decided to take my chances with dream land, and tried sleeping in this morning: virtue of working late on Wednesdays lol. Only logged in for a bit, in order to catch up with a friend on a personal matter. Managed to to that, but couldn’t finish our convo, will have to link up later.

While I was online, I took the liberty of sorting a few other things.

After thinking over my decision last night, to grant access to my private TS3 server to [SAS] members and server regulars – as I’ve no assurance, that I’ll ever be given access to their comms server again. I had decided that I would open mine up, because I know Ezbassr and JB rarely type, and it might be useful someday. This morning, I had decided that I would further extend that access in the name of peace, granting access privilege to NTFs membership: as I’ve no real clue or care what their comms policy is, but would rather be more inclined to play when Noer is present. Who also doesn’t type much lol.

This TS3 server, is something I setup a while ago. The main reason was something private between Cara, Escrt, and myself; which eventually lead to me putting the host in place, to furnish my semi-regular GR outings with voice chat. Escrts been the only one to join me out of the original game plan, but MB and Nick eventually caught a fancy to it, making the comms server a good time investment on my part. I had setup the TS3 server on my desktop, so I could play GR and not have to invite friends outside of [SAS], onto the clans private comms server. Finding myself a free agent after recent business… well, it’s my server, so I’ll use it as I damn well please.

In posting the clan wide invitations on each NTF and [SAS] forums, I noticed that the server blocks on were reporting an ‘SAS_Sgt_RASA’ playing in the [SAS] Proving Grounds. That is actually what’s responsible for the time delay between posts. Remembering some problem we had with a “Stalker slash impersonator” on the servers over the past few years, I felt apt in reporting this to [SAS]_Maj_WIZ. Because I know, that even for sake of a joke, the odds of that being the real Rasa, were pretty damn slim lol. If I had been an [SAS] member, I would’ve investigated personally.

Yesterday, Noer had asked me about my name still being on The Mighty page, which was a bit of a surprise, as it should have been removed by now! Took the opportunity to prompt Wiz on it while I was online, only to hear he was waiting to to see if would ask for Vet status. I find that somewhat superfluous: as I met the criteria (>1 year out of the SC) for automatic Vet, by a very wide margin… indeed. To which, I made note that ‘(14:37:11) Spidey01: and I turned in the WO1, because I couldn’t both be a member and ‘shut up’ about the v46/on it thing’ -> as I only have two modes, in or out, and Vet isn’t one of them. If I had wanted Vet, I would’ve stated it explicitly… and I do not feel that even that choice was left me. My original post-draft (trp or vet) was mostly, made insufficient by the COs continued lax handling of the matter, combined with constant prodding from the Major.

Despite the morning ‘irks’ about getting to work, my mother finally brought a smile to my face; very rare these years, I’m afraid, and even rarer that ma would be the cause. What made me smile, was when she commented on my driving, as resembling ‘an old pro’. Today gives me less than 10 hours road time, but I’m already doing better than a lot of the things I have, eh, ‘seen’, in my many years as a passenger. Enjoyable, was watching 3 dickweavels creating hazardous situations, all of which I fully anticipated and was able to mitigate. Rule #0 of my life, has always been to expect the other sap will likely fuck it up, until they prove otherwise. It’s allowed me to survive a few things, lol, and I expect it’ll serve just as well in driving. Count yourself lucky in Georgia, if people remember RED light means STOP instead of FLOOR IT!

Always makes up for the amount of ma cursing at me, that I’ve had to deal with lately lol.

Tonight, after finishing up with my laptops updates, I decided to take in a little RvS. Finding the home page blocks reporting the [SAS] servers empty :-(, so I decided to login and pay the NTF servers a visit. First time I’ve played there since leaving [SAS]. Seeing their other public server offline, I joined NATO TASK FORCE 3, and played alone for a bit on (MP) Training. Cocked my MP5A4 and took at the map with around 77-84% accuracy on average, not to shabby for an old fart. After a while, a player named Tarantula joined server… demonstrating total nubness and smoke spam. His MO would’ve made me check his ID, if I had been an admin.  A few other pubs joined in shortly after, so I rather resigned myself to the fact -> I’m getting out of this smoke abusing server soon.

After everyone else on the server ‘died’, I went on to finish it off using my M4A1 to polish off the slidering tangos, and decided to get a drink once the next map (peaks) had loaded up. In a few seconds, I was already being told to ready up, in a quality of English that almost begs questioning of the persons identity. As I needed at least a good 3 seconds to grab my kit, I told mr ants in his pants to wait a moment. In the time it takes to scroll the mouse wheel ~three notches, I was already being insulted by the pubs in server quite proficiently. If that had happened on [SAS]’s servers when I was an admin, the entire server would’ve been banned.

Since NTF doesn’t have a published Server Incident Report (SIR) system or policy that I know of, like [SAS] does, and the screen shots I took were to profane to post on the NTF forum publicly, I paged the nearest NTF member. Only to find the other party acting like an assclown or a unconcerned incompetent, and therefore, as I’ve no regiment for my actions to reflect upon (even in private), being regarded as such in my choice of demeanour. Finding myself under “Vote kick” for taking the time to notify an NTF member of the rampet bout of offensiveness and morose behaviour on his clans server, I of course was summary kicked out by the pubs.

Being placed in that boat, I simply sent a few NTF officers an e-mail with the screen shot as a SIR, and called it a night. In [SAS] unruly crowd control was always taken seriously, and made the job of every member based on the totem poll system. Maybe I truly was, the only dickbrain who served virtually on 24/7 admin call…. lol. Oh well, that is other folks loss, as I now consider myself Ronin.

And on top of that, I had to put up with taking flak from a certain [SAS] officer about my TS3 offer being open to both clans 8=). Private property does has it’s perks, particularly when I own it.