A chuckle at NTFs expense

In glancing at their roster, I just noticed they have 8 officers to 7 Enlisted, and only just recently did they gain NCOs in that mixture, lol. Some how, I am reminded of something my Grandfather once said about officers…

That NTF has yet to grow past being made up of dissenters and tag alongs is understandable given their pace of movement (I observe about 1.5 x GCHQ speed on average), even if there structure suggests they provision for reaching more than double their present size. I guess none of their planners have heard of the bubble before, hahaha.

3 thoughts on “A chuckle at NTFs expense”

  1. That Spidey has yet to grow past spending his days commenting on NTF's activities is not understandable.

  2. Well, I see you like to comment on our internal issues frequently.

    8 officers there is, but as you may have noticed, we have started recruiting, and the officers will be outnumbered as we continue to establish ourselves in the FPS community.

    Due to our organization, we have an overlap in responsibilities in our HQ, making us less vulnerable if someone has to take a break due to RL issues. We all have a backup.

    1,5 times the speed… Well, I must say your observations disappoint me. On the other hand, I must admit you have a limited angle of observation. 🙂

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