Lately my dreams have been getting worse, really not sure if I should  look forward to sleep or evade it at this point. On the upside, it beats boredom, on the down side it feels hours longer than the actual passage of time. That kind of adds up after a while, tiring.

I’m really not fond of holidays, haven’t been for a very long time, doubt that’s going to change anytime soon. As far as I’m concrened, just getting it done and over with is a good thing to me.

Really looking forward to getting started on the 30th.  In the mean time, I’ve been experimenting with something. In setting up the Windows build for Cassius, I set things up to be able to use the systems lua build (i.e. on linux) or build it as a dependency of Cassius. That’s gotten my brain cooking on making some reusable stuff out of it. Keyed in several libs so far, still need to iron a few things out, like moving header installation from premake time to prebuild time. While doing that and unrolling some loops, I also noticed a bug in some of the path.*() functions that premake uses. Seems that certain paths containing a $ need to be escaped (%$) IAW Lua’s pattern matching syntax, or you get an invalid return value :-/.

Premake was actually my main reason for learning Lua, but never had much chance to use Premake until this month. Kind of been focused on C# the last kind of months, and largely using GNU Makefiles for that stuff. My principal gripes with using C/C++, is setting up Windows builds is a bitch and for most of my own stuff, I require software that works on both. On vaguely POSIX respecting systems, it’s not that bad. One of these days I really need to work on setting up a linux or *bsd to windows cross compile.

One positive thing to come out of tinkering with a library (Cassius) for embedding programming languages. I’ve learned that Lua not only combines most of the features I like about JavaScript with a non CBF syntax, it also is a hell of a lot easier to build/embed then existing JavaScript engines o/. For how much I like the Curly Brace Family versus the irk of embedding stuff, Lua is arguably the better choice in the trade off.

Two ways that I’ve collected so many languages, one is trying to use the tool most appropriate for what I need done, the other is I’m used to juggling between languages rapidly. Whatever the problem calls for and limits implementation headaches, rather than whatever is the ‘mentally’ convienant language of the moment. That’s also some what a necessity of helping people here or there, can’t quite say, “Sorry, brains in C mode, shove your PHP up your arse”, now can I? lol.

Now if only the study of spoken languages were as trivial :-/.