First time for everything, right?

O.K. Now this was one of those has to be a first time for everything kind of moments. Sitting here, playing Left 4 Dead, we’re having a brutal finale, so many freaking zombies I look like a mad dancer shoving and shooting while we fend off the horde.

All of a sudden I hear enough barking, flapping feathers, and pounding that it sounds like a war is going on down the hall in the living room. Shouted a quick BRB over VoIP while peeling off my headset and going to see what’s exploding.

Found the ceiling fan going berzerk, parakeet going bananas, and the dogs trying to get to the bird lol. After shutting down the fan, ma noticed one of the fan blades were missing. Now absolutely nothing was disturbed anywhere. My mothers gots Thanksgiving decorations and religius stuff on the table, right next to the fan. Practically wall to wall there’s breakable crap near there, birds cage is even in pissing distance of the fan (much to my annoyance). Close enough to opennings that it could even send the blade bouncing into the hallway or kitchen, if it came off at the right angle. To top it off, in the line of fire is a shelf full of my mothers dolls next to the couch.

It took at least 20+ minutes to find where the blade landed. Couldn’t find it anywhere, no sign that it ever happened, except for the broken ceiling fan! While putting all that tactical study to good use and scannign the room, I had an AH HA! Moment.

Sure enough, the blade landed on a pillow on the couch. It was right in this trianglular sweet spot that’s like a foot +/- a couple inches, from either point: My mothers head, Coco, and a small statue of the Virgin Mary by her computer. Statistically you would think that it’s going to cream the stuff on the table, or maybe hit the bird or her dolls, but no…. smack dab right in between biologicals. A little bit more off that course, and either my mother would need a ice pack, or one of the dogs would need a vet lol.

Guardian angels or guardian angles, I think my mother finally has something to be thankful for… I know I am.