If I ever get the option of being reincarnated, I hope that dog with a good comfy home is an option rather than coming back as a human.


Two years ago and still comfortable little gooners.

I refuse to disclose how many cheese doodles the dogs conned me out of.

There are times when even I forget whose bed this is.

I’m also pretty sure reincarnation as a dog with a good home would beat coming back as a human, lol.

Before and after treats

Willow before treats:

Willow after treats:

It’s probably worth mentioning that Willow is more likely to attempt thefts when there is fish involved, and the dogs get a nice round of treats after I’ve had dinner.

Also Misty’s glare, not pictured, could have thawed ice.

You know, if I knew half as much as these three did about comfort….

I’m pretty sure that I’d be non human.