How much coffee could a code monkey slurp, slurp, slurp?

Depends, how much coffee was there to guzzle, guzzle, guzzle?

Look, the coffee pot is dry! Oh shit, there’s an evil glean in his eye!

Quick, it’s time to make some more coffee before the world ends.

— my passing thoughts between cups

Being a human bit of shade while walking the dogs, I’m not sure what I find more concerning. That the translation of my thought would be: “Ahh, that feels good!”; or that the thought wasn’t in my native language.

Somehow, I blame it on growing up in south Florida :P.

Passing Thoughts: if I could be a monster, I’d probably want to be made out of coffee. Some kind of coffee monster. But then I’d be in danger of a Pizza the Hut locked in his own stretched limo kind of end.

Actually now that I think of it being a slime wouldn’t be so bad if being like Rimuru was an option. And I bet absorbing tons of coffee would be easy 😂.

Passing thought: Dad’s habit was reading a newspaper. Mine is called a tablet.

These do pretty much serve similar purposes. Except as a multi role thingamajig I’m going to say the other uses for a tablet tend to be more fun then what you can do with old newspapers.