Work, Swat, Wesnoth, Work, Wesnoth, Work, Swat,… I’ll be happy when the weekend comes… Or when I finish this campaign in Wesnoth lol.

Like always, as work increases… E-Mail, Journal, School, Sleep, Games, and Codea decrement their places on my priority list until work levels out again. Just thinking about work tomorrow, just makes me sick. I really need a !@#$2 vacation! No work, no code, no games, no nothing… just blissful rest and relaxation.

Fat chance of that happening within my life time…..

Before another round of Wesnoth…

It’s been abit since I’ve updated my LJ, haven’t really had much time for it :

The past two weeks I’ve largely been workin’ my ass off either on various projects, at work (grrr!), or training the days away in the servers. At least the training ops are both fun and effective uses of time, the rest… Well let’s just say I hate my job lol. The number of projects I’ve been butter-flying across is getting a bit out of hand, mainly because of the amount of time I can afford to spend on them during the day.

I may end up changing “schools” so to speak, in the near future. I’m not really looking forward to it, because although it should speed this shit up quite a lot. I’ve still got the same problems as always — a family to butt in and working most of the week. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a vacation lol, I would probably end up catching up on homework +S.

In the mean time I’ve been playing a lot of Wesnoth. A few years ago, on one of my ‘few’ vacations… I was lucky enough to spend my time split between working, learning another programming language, and a new (to me) game called the Battle for Wesnoth. It’s a great game, a bit J. R. R. Tolkien inspired in my humble opinion, but a very fun Turn-Based Strategy game. I recently picked it up again, for lack of a better time passing… The games quite omni-platform but I’ve only got it installed on my FreeBSD powered laptop. I’ve been looking through the info and working on a custom campaign for it. Although a bit out of place for Wesnoth, it’s an original plot, well at least original in the sense that I’ve never followed that kind of High Fantasy in the first place >_>

I’m quite a bit more of a “Sci Fi Guy”, I prefer fiction and have the book-inhaling habits to prove it hehe. Most of the times I read, I usually go through 50~120 pages a day easily. Dune took a few days but I read enormous amount of it per sitting. That’s one thing I really miss, getting to sit down and READ a book. Most of the time I read these days, it’s either on the web or if lucky enough to have a real book in hand. It’s usually a book on something technical, e.g. TCP/IP. I love books, reading beats TV watching for me, because there can be much greater depth to it. Not to mention that 300~500 pages of novel, spanning 3 or more books (a trilogy) gives one a bit more leeway for time. As much as I love TV and Movies, I really dislike some of the hack-jobs that people have done… Just look at the movie ALIENS, the “classic” version that we’ve watched for years. And the *proper* version with so many deleted scenes and cut-out footage restored. The rat bastards practically destroyed the entire story!!! Although, I admit the classic cut they’ve released so often is still a good movie. But the special edition is a great movie!

Hmm, some days I wish I could win the lotto or something. It would be certainly nice, instant shopping spree for what books I’ve missed over the past decade lol. Dang dogs been chewing on my copy of Vision of the Future, luckily not to much damage… Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy is one of my favorite set of Star Wars novels, the Hand of Thrawn duology (that it is apart of) also being quite nice. If I recall correctly, Vision of the Future is the one where Luke Skywalker finally purposed to Mara Jade.

After who knows how long people were waiting to see if that would ever happen, it finally did lol.

Incredibly tired

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately… At least for me it’s somewhat hard not to realize how far I am from my objectives. Working into the ground, on all flanks, with no sign of relief in view. No matter what I do, there never seems to be any headway made :

I think I’ll play a bit of Wesnoth for tonight. It’s not like I’m going to get to doing anything meaningful tonight, I’ll be lucky to get to sleep in peace……