Misc thoughts from this weekend’s R&R cycle

Getting caught up on Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun, I was rather happy to see the festival conclude with a happier note. It’s also nice to see another surprise musical number from Clara and her family, which much like the first, was pretty freaking great.

Netflix’s Locke & Key seems worth watching based on the first half, and Marianne is a horror series well worth watching if you like scary stuff. Take the former for the story, and the latter for the chills.

Kemono Michi has been sitting in my Hulu queue since it started. By the time Genzo suplexed the princess, I was pretty sure it was going to be an entertaining series. And yes, it has, mostly because of his craziness, lol.

Firing up Trigun on Hulu, I think I’m going to like this show, as well as put a ding in my bucket list.

It’s idiots to the left; idiots to the right; and bullets everywhere. I suspect Vash will snipe my funny bone in a similar vector to Deadpool.

Watching the 2010 version of True Grit on Hulu, I’m kind of happy it turned out as such a good film. It also reminds me that one of these days, I really should get around to reading the book.

For better or worse as the case might be, I kind of developed a soft spot for westerns along the way. Enough years were spent watching television with my mother, that there were two channels that were worth noting. TCM and Westerns. Among the side effects of that, are my taste in movies running from about the 1930s onwards to the present. Sadly though, they don’t really make a lot of westerns anymore.

Watching Astra Lost in Space made my trip to Hulu well worth it.

The series kick off interests me enough that I may need to check into the availability of the manga. Surprisingly good stuff.

Watching Demon Lord, Retry! in Hulu reminds me that not all simulcast goodness it’s limited to Crunchyroll territory.

Also when being summoned to another world: always end up the demon lord and leave a note about erasing your hard drives.