Unwinding to a little UrT, reminds me of one of the reasons that I generally forgo adversarial game types these days.

Essentially, I ended up in a quaint little 2v2, and could probably have taken the other team on 1v2 and won. I was doing fine with it as a 1v3 before the server auto balanced the teams in the first quarter. Successful enough to be called a “Hacker” by the player that would end up my team mate. Once I noticed the other team was outclassed, I decided to sling my preferred weapon for something less ideal, in order to make the handicap a bit more even. What got my goat however was, when the rather insulting team mate I got thrown with not only kept dying, but started copying my loadout: then leveraged my streak of killstreaks to go spawn rape the other team for a good 12-16 frags. Then having to put up with said team mates rude behaviour at being told to stop laming. I do admit to being tempted to snipe him in the back of the head and exit, but instead focused on the remaining half of the game.


Decided to try my hand at UrT, because I really haven’t played anything in a while. Finally had a good run, I was only holding 3rd place tonight lol.

Totally obliterated targets, alternating between riflemen, gunner, and sharpshooter. I nearly had my jaw drop when I racked up at least 3 out of 4 targets killed in about 1.5-2 seconds. If I can see the targets head, I can shoot it!

Just like dropping turkey’s.

UrT, the urbanised terror

There’s just something about leading the score board and having many successful 1 on 2 / 1 on 3 engagements of late, that makes me conclude that Urban Terror just isn’t hard enough…

Where’s the challenge???