Bell Tower Sniper

One thing I do like about Americas Army Ops is the Sniping. I was doing some nice melon popping tonight. At least 4 or 5 kills with the Sniper Rifle, plus one with my Sidearm and another with a captured AKM while I was in th e Sniper Slot.

If I can see the target, I can hit the target. At least if I’ve got a secure firing position. It’s a little hard to snipe some one, if you’ve got about 5 guys trying to fire you up.

I don’t like the M82A1 all that much for casual work, even if the magazine is useful. I find th e M24 much more accurate not to mention lighter weight.

All went well, until two morons from my team started strafe dancing directly in front of my line of fire. Heck, a guy is laying prone, bleeding to death from battle injuries, sniper rifle in hand, bipod out, scouting for remaining enemy targets. And what do these assholes do? They compromise my position, get us taking fire from a Gunner. And vola ! I get shot full of it while they get away to use their medic packs on each other (they got injured when the Gunner opened fire).

If the game didn’t punish people for it, I think I would’ve taken out my M9 Pistol and shot them both just for being so stupid… One advantage of AAO. Since it’s not an SAS Game and I’ve had an account since 1.4’ish, even had to recreate it once during one of the updates long ago. I still have my old call sign from before I was ever known as Spidey01, nore having to remember I’m ‘in uniform’ like with RvS or S4.

I hate VERY much to Team Kill but these guys were so bloody stupid… If I had been able to see the target through their combined fat buns. Maybe I would’ve gotten to live through that round if I didn’t shoot them in the balls by mistake lol. But no, I get shot for doing my job… They get to live for playing like noobs.

What a game !!!