the past ~48 hours

Been quite a busy time, I guess lol.

I think I royally fragged my blood sugar; after last nights gorging on beefaroni, I’ve been pissing my brains out (every ~30min). Things are finally starting to resync with the usual input equals output style equation. I’m not diabetic (as far as I know), but many people in my family have had diabetes, most dying of heart attack, stroke, and cancer even when fully healthy. Of course, I’ve always figured it’s a case of which of the 3 will get me first…. But I expect the third, if the first permits in the long term.

I really should watch what I eat, and an extreme amount of pasta and meet is probably a bad idea. As I understand it, carbohydrates from pastas breaks down into glucose slowly over time, slower then a lot of snacks anyway. I’ve no idea whether that is good or bad thing; but I like pasta, in almost all of it’s forms ^_^. Eating a shit load of it on the other hand, is probably just as bad as eating a lot of sugar though :.

My guess is that it caused enough of a glucose spike, that my kidney’s have been workin’ overtime to deal with it. Biology (in general) was never really one of my strong points, in fact… My high school text book put me to sleep lol. The fact that searching the web and thumbing through old encyclopedias was better for passing exams, then remembering the text books contents, is besides the point :-P.

For the time being: I’ve cut the soda from my fluid intake, shit load of HFCS in that stuff… And replaced it with water, I usually drink soda during the day and bottled water at work & at night. Along with sweets, my diet usually consists of lunch, dinner, and a sweet or salty snack or two every few days (although I avoid junk food, because if I had it, I’d eat it).

I managed to download and install Virtual Box. I’ve also got PC-BSD7 in both the 3 CD and 1 DVD sets, the CD ISOs are on my laptop, and the DVD ISO on the desktop (I figured it would be easier to use with VB). When booting off the DVD ISO in VirtualBox, the boot process fails: snap shot. I intend to install it on my desktop, but after one of the posts I read on (by Graedus I thin), I’m not willing to let PCBSD7 touch my harddrive, until I’ve taken a full backup of my Windows install…. took to many hours to set it up the way I wanted, and I still have no wall paper lmao.

As to the image, I posted a thread on PC-BSDs support forum, not that I actually expect any help lol. In fat, one of the reasons I elected to test with VB first, is in he hopes I might be able to help some of the people having problems with PCBSD7 under VirtualBox.

I can’t make heads or tails out of the output before BTX halted. I know most of the names, corrispond to processor registers. In fact, to be more precise, I believe the ‘e’ is some extended-mnemonic from when Intel’s chips moved into the 32-Bit world. I don’t understand the output though, because I never had time to learn about assembly or dive deep into documentation on IA-32.

I managed to get a little time in, training with Jonsi on TG#1. Do to current affairs, I’ve been spending most of my server time in SWAT (PG3/TG3), but it’s nie to be reminded; I am still limber enough to put recruits through their paces :-). I need to take a look and see what’s going on these days, training wise in RvS.

I also spent sometime to help a friend with porting a page from (invalid) HTML 4.01 Transitional to XHTML 1.0 Strict. Not to hard for me, since I work with XHTML like most people I know, would use MS Word. Although, I personally prefer LaTeX for documents, for a long time; I did use XHTML+CSS as a replacement for word processors. If I had the time to learn to do as much as I can in LaTeX/TeX, I probably would prefer troff; but a more TeXuaL solution is where I ended up investing time.

Also my brain was complimented today, but despite the things I know, it doesn’t do me much good; because no one in this rats nest, will actually pay me for what I know or for using my brain lol. That’s one reason, why I try to be content with the fact, that most of what I know, I learned because I wanted to and enjoyed learning, as opposed to ever learning stuff to make money off it. Although, I do admit… getting paid for what I know, would seriously be an improvement over my current line of work lol. But I’m generally content with enjoying it on my own time.

Now, if only I could change the one point that really does bother me…

Hmm, with about 34% of battery power remaining (according to, I think it is time for bed !!!