Yesterday was a reaal cork popper! I have seen and heard a lot of crap over the years but I have never been so disgusted and angry in my entire life (thus far). It just took the cake and a half man… new record levels. And I’ve even seen a door breached and ripped apart practically by hand lol. That being said, the incident yesterday did not involve my blood kin in any way.

Maybe it is as the numeral unno says, just a week where everyone gets under each others skin… all in all though I am glad that I can be utterly pissed the F’ off and still be able to think clearly. I really had to learn at an early age how to deal with intense anger, my family is *that good* at pushing peoples buttons, mine included lol. The closet door still bears holes and knuckle prints from my hot tempered youth. We’re a lot of hot headed, loud mouthed, stubborn mules: and whether genetically or environmentally, have even worse then both my parents in that regard (That’s like saying you’re descended from lava and hydrofluoric acid).

One of the things that separates me from my family and many other people on this earth, is I can control my temper before it gets the best of me.

I just tried fitting my knuckles into the dents in the closet door, and I am kind of proud how far I’ve come since then… both in stature and control. I don’t go nova, I’m not a violent person by nature: despite having developed a put two in the head and move on philosophy of logical problem solving lol. I am the single most rational person I know, and strongly value c;ear thinking over lashing out at others (but can’t say the same about the rest of my family).

Perhaps this is one time, that I should be thankful for my family…..