The other day, I decided to plug in my old Thor model HDX7, since I couldn’t remember the last time I had bothered to charge it. Was surprised to find it with 6% remaining. But, my relationship with it regarding battery life has been kind of like the Energizer Bunny commercials with “Going, and going, and going”; or whatever it is they use as a slogan. I don’t think I ever managed to really ding its battery, aside from leaving it idle for a couple weeks.

Extra surprising: the last update it got for Fire OS was installed February, 2019.

That’s really not bad for a device I got free from a Dolby developer raffle. Still running a form of Android 4.4/K, but considering the device came out around 2013, and had internals on par with the Nexus of the day—I’d say the little thang has faired pretty well.

I suppose one of these days, I should probably finish turning it into a digital picture frame, or something.

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In cycling back to ReZdro, where I left off at the subjugation of the white whale: I’m reminded that all great battles, should probably be fought in the name of love; and sometimes you’ve just gotta lead off with following the two idiots up front….lol.

Also pretty sure that eating the old man’s beloved wife was the biggest mistake the white whale ever made. Followed by the whole thing with Rem’s death in the Return By Death process that lead Subaru into this insanity.

Yes, never piss these folks off.

While I’ve met a few dogs in my life who could be called birders, Willow is more of a fisher as far as scavengers go. That is to say if her spider sense detects fish, she will likely be very interested.

The onigiri I made last night of course drew some attention, since tuna was involved.

But nothing quite gets their collective attention like treats 😁.

Check out what I’m watching on Crunchyroll!

Okay, as the ROFL continues, I’m definitely calling this worth watching.

The scene with her “Hijacking” the bullying event in the name of sweets, and giving them the death glare, especially made me laugh my ass off. Not to mention there’s several such awesome scenes in this week’s episode….lol

I don’t miss dial-up, but here’s some ’90s PC stuff I secretly want back

Gotta admit, they almost lost me at Clippy, but generally it’s a good lost, lol.

Unlike in my childhood: it’s kind of rare I have much ice cream these days. Rarer still with so many trimmings.

Of course this doesn’t mean Willow is content with my explanation of why it’s not for dogs…

Passing thought: it’s kind of sad The Outlaw King trilogy never ended up a TV mini series, or a feature length film. And probably never will 😕.

The whirlwind in the thorn tree, Law of the wolf, and Ten thousand devils made a rather good set of stories. Both when I read it years ago, and as I reread it, I enjoy this tale.

Possible signs that I have strange, or at least varied tastes: when my debate of what to cycle back to reading includes:

  • Cow boys, writers, cyborgs, and interdimensional adventure.
  • Gothic love-horror, and a side of witches and gaslighting.
  • Horn dog comedy with a side of heart rending drama.
Also on that note: 
  • The Whirlwind in the Thorn Tree is an excellent series of novels, enough so that started reading it a second time. Enough years have passed for details to start to fizzle.
  • The House in Fata Morgana is one of the better executed long form visual novels, but it’s story has plenty of twisted shit.
  • Edelweiss is both a hilarious visual novel, and one that may leave a lasting impression on your tear ducts.
I’m also pretty sure that combing reading, and snacking, would cause massive death glares from the hounds…lol.

Thumbing through my Steam library, my brain eventually floats off in various directions.

One is the reminder that Love In Space recently released their follow up to Shinning Song Starnova, and remember that last time I had checked their Patreon, and active projects post, the next installment of Sunrider was next on their road map. Much to my joy, it seems like Sunrider 4: Captain’s Return is elevated to current project. Just as previously scheduled.

I remember playing Mask of Arcadius, and enjoying how they combined turn based fleet + mech tactics with a visual novel setting. Because who doesn’t want to laugh your ass off between being out numbered like 80:1 in a space battle? I think MoA is still free, and it’s worth playing both for the intro to Sunrider’s story, and for the campaign.

When Liberation Day came out it was a rather shuddup, and take my money response. Excellent improvement on the mechanics, and enjoyable for the same reasons. But of course the damned thing ends with a cliff hanger end on par with Old Ben Kenobi, so it’s been a long wait to see what happens next.

The purely VN based expansion with a side story / alternate endings for the crew was also pretty amazing. Give or take how many jokes you can make about the story twists that Claude aka miss boob rockets presented in the campaign. Won’t spoil the details, but let’s just say between her attempts on Captain Shields, and what she turns out to be, you can probably enjoy that lark a lot more than the other plot twists. Because it totally fits her personality, and should make you revisit some of your beliefs in religion and science :P.

Ahh, in a few years perhaps we will have Sunrider 4….hehehe.

was there ever any doubt that I am the wrong species for being comfortable?