Well it approches new years… I don’t have any thing I wish to say about the holidays at the moement. SO far, I feel as if I’m ready to spread out but I’m told to wear shoes two sizes to small. I could go so much further given what I need.. yet I’m stuck shoveling $|-|1+. To day at work I thought up an interesting project, one that I could use to teach me a lot more about Object Oriented design and implementations. Some thing I could sit down and attack it till I learned every thing I’d need to finish it, then vim around till it was a master peice some day. The end result? I don’t ph|_|{|<1||6 have the bloody time to do it. Ether to program it all or to learn what I need and would love to learn to do it. Finnally this weekend I get some time off, four days and I’m spending it on the servers. Get my fat NCO arsch back to duty. Even my studies for a new language have been going slow. I wanted to work on learning a word a day, complete with the words sex, spelling, and pronouciation.

PBI Backup and Recovery planning

Well to make a long story short. On my desktop every *mozilla program I install on BSD or GNU/Linux has funky issues with text fields, all other GTK+ apps are fine though. The only ones not to be borked are the PBI versions I’ve used on it and my laptop. So needless to say I was a little apprehensive about updating from Seamonkey 1.0.4 to 1.0.6. I like _stable_ software more then bleeding edge. Now I don’t mean to offend any one because I don’t but, huh www.pbidir.com ‘s content is not always ‘stable’ by the time its approved. So, having no way to reinstall Seamonkey 1.0.4. from PBI I desided I’d do a little test on how to back it up manually so I could reinstall it with the least effort. Now of course the fact that speed and power are to of my favorite reasons to use the command line, I’ll include a screen dump of my seassion as well as an explanation of doing it the *GUI* way. Be warned offten there is a /Programs/.sbin/program shell script to be backed up. I think its to do with making sure PBI apps use there /Programs/$1/libs directory, proper GTK/Pango crap and give us that annoying crash handler when they get killed. Any way here we go laddy. The best thing to do would be to open Konqueror as root, you can do that by using the K-Menu to find it, or type kdesu konqueror in konsole or use the run dialog. First lets look in /Programs/ to find are app, in my case SeaMonkey1.0.4. We want to back up this directory. A quick tarball will do the job, in Konqi you can do this with a right click since Ark is installed. I’d suggest ether a gzipped tar file or zip file depending on your needs. I keep my backups on ad0s1 which is a 20GB UFS2 partition. I have my mailbox and roaming profile on my USB stick so I backed that up as well. The “/usr/local/share/applnk/My Applications/Seamonkey” folder has our K-Menu entry so we want to back that up, beats rewritting the .desktop file(s). Plus to be safe and keep all my settings I backed up my ~/.mozilla folder. If this was a multi-user laptop a shell script would be good, I wrote a quick run’n’tosser in vi to back it up. If one wanted a script could be made to backup and restore the thing. After completing my backups I uninstalled the PBI and installed the new one, it had been downloading while I backed up.

Terry@Dixie$ cd /Programs                                                  4:17
Terry@Dixie$ su 4:18
Dixie# mkdir /Backups/Seamonkey1.0.4
Dixie# cd SeaMonkey1.0.4/
Dixie# ls
PBI.FirstRun.sh etc pangorc
PBI.RemoveScript.sh include seamonkey.png
PBI.SetupScript.sh lib share
bin libdata
Dixie# cd ..
Dixie# tar -czf SeaMonkey1.0.4_BACKUP.tar.tgz ./SeaMonkey1.0.4
Dixie# cp -r /usr/local/share/applnk/My Programs/SeaMonkey /Backups/Seamonkey1.0.4/SeaMonkey_KMenu_Entry.d
Dixie# mv SeaMonkey1.0.4_BACKUP.tar.tgz /Backups/Seamonkey1.0.4/
Dixie# ls /Backups/Seamonkey1.0.4/
SeaMonkey1.0.4_BACKUP.tar.tgz SeaMonkey_KMenu_Entry.d
Dixie# PBIdelete -list|grep -i Seamonkey
Dixie# cp -rp /Lexar/Mozilla /Backups/Seamonkey1.0.4/
Dixie# cd /Backups/Seamonkey1.0.4/
Dixie# tar -czf ./SM_Mail.tar.gz /Lexar/Mail
tar: Removing leading '/' from member names
vi /Backups/Seamonkey1.0.4/profiledump.sh

export PATH='/bin'

for n in `ls /usr/home/`
cp -rp /usr/home/$n/.mozilla /Backups/Seamonkey1.0.4/$n.mozilla
Dixie# chmod 700 .//profiledump.sh
Dixie# ./profiledump.sh
Dixie# ls -l
total 45478
-rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 19905054 Dec 24 04:26 SM_Mail.tar.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 26620953 Dec 24 04:20 SeaMonkey1.0.4_BACKUP.tar.tgz
drwxr-xr-x 2 root wheel 512 Dec 24 04:23 SeaMonkey_KMenu_Entry.d
drwx------ 3 Terry Terry 512 Dec 21 21:48 Terry.mozilla
-rwx------ 1 root wheel 129 Dec 24 04:47 profiledump.sh
Dixie# PBIdelete -remove SeaMonkey1.0.4
Removing SeaMonkey1.0.4
Running custom removal script
Removing Directory
Cleaning PBI List
SeaMonkey1.0.4 was removed successfully!

To restore it I could have put things back as the were. There was no .sbin/seamonkey file to backup that I noticed so I’d hope it would’ve still worked but. Alas thats PC-BSD…


Sheesh, between mothers, school, and demos my head hurts !

Installed MOHAA just for fun while I downloaded the ArmA demo. Our DSL got upped to a 2.9MBps down / 322KBps up range just in time to Download from a slow server. The game looks good but I don’t know how well I can play it. Needless to say I think my video card is lower spec then older models. Geforce 6200 and a TV Tuner not what I had in mind, I wanted a Geforce 6600 at least but I got a pre-build :@

The game is nice, I hope there will be a way to have focus follows crosshair style movement it would be kinda nice. It also looks like a game where it pays to top off the ammo supply before moving out.


Was reading a few of my old files, dunno if I feel better or worse from the thoughts incured.

I remember when I was transfering files to my desktop, most basically live on my laptop now. I cleaned up a directory of my personal writings. I delted a few and saved a couple. The book I was writing, balls never finished that. A little play’esq script, few old love notes…. closest I ever came to writing poetry.

*sigh* some times life sucks. My mind sure doesn’t help me any, I’m supposed to be sleeping but I’m wide awake.

Fuuy, maybe I should try to forget some of the past, good times with the bad and be done. Doesn’t help much though does it…

I’m going to bed, s’only work tomorrow. Same old boring labor, nothing new to learn.. I want to grow but I keep hitting the walls. If I could do more in the [SAS] I’d have joy in that but I still got to work. If I had the time to devote to study, I could maybe make a decent programmer or system admin but I’ve got work and school to do. Bastard of a system, who cares for tests about the ‘laws of english’ compared to artistry ? To me at least computing from a programming perspective is an art form, not a lot of people under stand that about me. To them its just me wasting time infront of a computer, to me its expression, its art, its design, its apart of me…

The more time I have to spend at it, the more often I enjoy it and the better I grow at it. Frig man, I’ve got my figers in C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, not to mention sh script, and html/css markup. I might not be good at any of them but when your lucky to be able to devote more then a few hours a week. You can’t be expected to master a life time of ability over night.

**** it, I’m going to bed, worry about it later.


I’m going crazy… Positively crazy. Its like no matter what day it is, I get a
headache around the 2200-0100 GMT range, maybe its because thats the time ma
gets active again on her days off..

Driving me nuts. Sucks to live with a headache, can’t take aspirin
e.t.c. For it all the time because then you kill your stomach.


I want to rewrite the mkXML function and merge it withmuch of the code from fkBranch_AutoPB.sh. That way I can turn it into a flexible routine that will generate a PBC file accordingly iiregardless if it’s run from interactive or batch modes.


Started merging files today, after a fit of the screamming heeby jeebies. Phone ringing off the hook, getting A.F.K.’d every 2 minutes and playing 20 Questions with ma. My brain could sync back to work…

mkProject has become a mondo sized function but is now fairly complete and handles the split between interactive and batch modes it self. The batchJob function will be most of fkBranch_AutoPB.sh.

Rather then line of execution being

Interactive or batch test
run mkHome, mkProject, mainLoop e.t.c.
or run batchJob

It is now more like this
Interactive or batch test
run batchJob if batch
run mainLoop if interactive

Where mainLoop is the interactive root function that all the interactive I/O and configuration methods lay. The batchJob call just starts processing the information from the data. I’m also adding a usage function.


Well, I’m a bit leery about it but I’ve done it. I’ve posted fkBranch_AutoPB.sh on PC-BSDs forums. I had hoped to have a proof-of-concept out of this scraptest file before I delete it but I doubt that will happen without help. I also wanted to merge it into pbshell.sh and complete the last stuff so I’d have both interactive and batch modes covered plus the planB method of PBI Creation.

The scripts not pretty but its just garbage for testing work, glad I don’t really write finished shell scripts like that..

Been busy attacking an old Java source book. it dates back to before JDK1.0 but its a fun read. Maybe I’ll take up Java I dunno. Recently I’ve been rather bored with most languages. Perl and Java study have kept me busy but the more I look into perl the more it looks like a great tool you don’t want to have to read what some one else wrote some day just to quickly fix a problem and never rewrote it. Java I’ve never cared for the extra OOTyping needed but its more C/C++ like then Ruby or Python and still a nice language. AWT looks like a simple to learn setup but I’ve yet to see many Java apps that look nice. I don’t know what is the most often used these days though, AWT, SWT, Swing, or other standard issue.

Being idle recently has been annoying, without any thing to work on what fun is there having some of the greatest tools ever made?

You know as long as no one changed the hier for home directories I could interate through each one setting up the icon files. If I could use PBC to just pack the project directory and do the rest with my script. It could work but that would mean for batch mode to work a special but very simple for joe blow to write project file would have to be created. HmmmmmM !!!!


Without being able to make any progess with getting an automated PBI creAted. And about as much info about whats wrong with the PBC file I ran through PBC.

I basically have nothing better to do then toy with typing tests and ancient computer history. It would be so nice if some one could help figure out why PBC does not work with the PBC files.


Trash, FUnk, and Crapola.

Some times I feel, as if I speak and no one cares. Maybe I should just learn to keep my mouth shut and my business to my self. I don’t know any more.

Perhapes I should halt my work, let it rot and be done with it. Just go home and head out to the CQC Range with team mates. Life can be a load of bollocks some times… So far I’ve been wanting very much to start re-learning emacs but I can’t stand the infernal editor ! I remember when I started I couldn’t handle Vim so I tried XEmacs and learned it all right. While I don’t remember the keybinds well I remember them enough, I’m just to “Vi minded” to use emacsen. Also my Vi User how to post is nearly finished, I’ve but a few more things to add to it.

Untill I can find out what is wrong with the PBC file created by my proof-of-concept scraptest or get necessary data on how to bypass PBC all together. Most of my work is for naught. Dang it, I remember I started the day before thanksgiving and practicly sat at my laptop for three days. I’m not really a shell scripter by nature, although I’ve vastly improved. I worked like a dog to get as much done while having to learn and prototype several things on the go +work ITRW. Took a few days off then hit at it again and again and again. As time would allow, now it’s in pretty good shape (near alpha imho) and with a proper rewrite my scraptest files could be fused into the main implementation.

Yet with out some fscking help to deal with PBI Creator or by pass it there is little more I can do, execpt maybe refine my icon configuration and finish the PBI.*.sh generator. My plans have been for it set up the PBI file to automatically do detection if the PBI is preinstalled or optionally a conficting/old version when ran. Maybe I should just change the files to bear the GPL (barf) and post them on the forums for some one else to deal with, I ‘m getting sick of this $]-[|+. I started work in November, it’s nearing January now and I can’t continue very much alone.