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So if you can’t lead and you won’t follow, at least try not to throw shit at the luckless bastard on the spot. Cut him a little slack; after all, he’s working for you.

good games

[SAS]_Miles Red 1, Woodlake88th Red 2, [SAS]_Spidey01 EL, Jonsi Blue 1.

Sisters of Mercy Hostel

We had a plan of STC (stealth to first contact). Wedge all the lower doors and enter the kitchen from the rear. Secure it & head up. Simultaneous entries on the top rooms if compromised else stealth.

The plan hit the fan about 15-20sec in. So we wedged the doors and moved into the chapel (we got compromised there). Red held cover on the landing going up while Blue cleared the front of the building.

We regrouped and headed up banging and clearing rooms then headed down threw the chapel and cleared the kitchen area by rolling a flash bang down the stairs from the lower landing.

Every one did very well and the op went off like it was without a hitch. Although the plan few out the window faster then Homer Jay can start drooling over a Duff.

All in all I’m some what impressed for a mixed Element with only four Operators !

It would’ve been great if we had 2 more operators. We could’ve followed it in and cleared the chapel and left a team to secure the hallway. Rather then having to pause and do that first.

Like wise 2 could’ve secured the front area while 4 went top side and clear the entire map quicker.

Oh well, alls well that plays well.

Continuation Training, RvS TG#1

Got to run continuation training today. I was hoping me and Miles could get together and get some thing done. Wasn’t to sure if I could get it done but my shifts worked out just right.

Set up 3 scenarios. After being given a chance to get the teams in order & briefed. The EL’s got 5 Minutes to plan the map and 2 Minutes to revise things on failure. Almost no one took these time limits into strong consideration lol.

Scenario #1
Map: Presidio
Mode: Hostage Rescue
Objective: Rescue L1 Hostage quickly
Rounds: 3/3 — fail

Valroe and Sniper took EL with JB, Grishenko, Caern, and Miles as teammates. 2 three man Elements. They were assigned to enact a Dynamic assault, the hostage will be ‘executed’ at a random time frame. Most of the time I set the time frame for 2 or 3 minutes after the first gunshots.

Mission was generally a failure, often time was spent in clearing areas that could’ve been blocked with gas and bypassed. There seemed to be a bit of a lack of communication between EL’s.

Scenario #2
Map: Training
Mode: Tango Hunt
Objective: Secure the area, safely.
Rounds 1/3 — success

I enabled smoke and disabled mini scopes, flash bangs, and gas masks to give it a bit more difficulty. Its just a T-Hunt after all lol. The plan basically consisted of using Smoke screens and clearing the buildings. I if could’ve I wouldn’t enabled cheats and made my self invisible. So I could set up shop /w a SAW and suppress smoke screens to make it harder by shooting at them (i.e. help the tangos). But oh wellz. I grabbed a PSG-1+IR Smoke and Frags and went Sniper to back up the Elements. Valroe finally considered the 5 minute limit.

No one called on my support but most of the team died quickly and LCpl Miles saved the day xD

Scenario #3
Map: Banking House
Mode: Mission
Objective: Secure the records room within 8 Minutes
Rounds 3/3 — success

Miles cooked up the scenario for this one hehe. JB took EL and we went in SD Red and Loud Blue team. The Element did ok but kept getting killed until the last round lol. JB got it planned in ~3:50 but no one paid attention to the 2minute ‘tween round time.

Map went pretty good, aside from Rasa puffing smoke in my face.

I hope next time to have a course of study rather then some generic CT work. I tried to pick harder scenarios. Give’em a real run for their money. The format I stuck with is pretty close to James’s original continuation training. Except he had done the Mission Planning himself for most of it. And done it impressively in <= 2 Minutes if I recall correctly. So I figure 5 Minutes to plan and 2 Minutes to correct is plenty for Recruits lol.

Trying to learn any thing in this place is pointless…. I’m trying to learn a bit more about Algebra — without being credited for it I might add!!!

Add I can’t even hear my self think in this freaking house !!!!!!!!!!

I tend to deal with vordem by trying to learn some thing new, but in this house its impossible to learn any thing. Unless I am the _ONLY_ person awake ! I know I can _NEVER_ work from home.. not unless I’m the only moron living there at this rate.

Also, l24$4 1$ +#3 80|v|8 ! TG#3 has a new map 🙂

My lib

Some thing constructive for the night. Cleaned up a lot of stuff in my utility/portability lib. Including a bool datatype for when stdbool.h is not around. And if it is or its C++ use the local boolean.

Aslo tried to make it slightly more friendly to pre-ansi compilers. Not that I’ve ever used one or seen one.. have heard of a few people meeting up with one though !

Basically I started it out both out of interest and Windows. I’m a tad lazy, I’d rather use an err( int, string ) then fprintf a string to stderr and append errno plus call exit() — A good 2 or 3 lines usually. When I can do it in 1 or 2 depending on the type of message I want displayed on exit(). BSD/GNU extensions have err()/warn() routines.

Windows of course lacks this totally as far as I can find. So since I was interested for a long time in how to create libraries I looked up how and implemented the err()/errx() I used so much in it. As well as most of the routines I’ve created in a few small programs. I don’t expect to use the thing for much more then building my programs on Windows w/o having to do a lot of search and replace. I just love err() 😉


I wonder if I could cook up a prog that checks the hw.acpi.battery. life and time sysctrl variables and reports to me when the hit such and such threshold. I’d hope theres some thing in the system that could though. I rarly use my system (laptop) on a battery. But when I do, a lot of times I won’t log into X11 — I just tend to use X11 for Amarok, Konversation, and Konsole. I’ve yet to find a good CLI WWW Browser though, Lynx I’m most comfortable with but I do perfer links for the better page rendering.


Hmm… if I sit and imagine where I’d much rather be. I see my self sitting on a deserted island with a bottle of vodka…. strange really.

I’ve mostly been able to get nothing purposful done today… Got up for 5 minutes to do the wash and hours later.. Still squat is done ! I finished most of the UI and started planning on the rest. Even set up a small test to see what it looks like compiled.

Its impossible to do any thing in t his house…. unless its at night and I can’t stay up for quite some time now. Because of working mornings. So I’m screwed any way. Need to flush my mental cache before I go mad, because I’m no lush.

I think if I hear the word School Work one more time I’ll throw up.

Since I have little time to do any thing. I was thinking about breaking up the program into a number of different programs. For example the main window and the configuration dialog would be two different applications in. And to interact with one enough, they could communicate threw a 3rd party. Each would know how to interface with this 3rd party rather then having to talk to one enough, they talk to the middleman who talks to the other 😉

Some how, I think its poor GUI engineering but I like the design in theory. At least, it sounds better in my mind then how I’ve worded it. I also want to try and expose parts of the implementation through scripts that can be edited without touching the programs code.

Thus, while the program would handle the process of figuring out what to install (e.t.c.) *some* of the actions performed could be tweaked. For example, as I have it envisioned. There is less concern about the implementation of the ports collection in the heart of the program.

So far, the only thing that gives a damn about it is the wrapper on make.

Day dream

I don’t know if I can pull it off yet but I can try.

I find working this out in ASCII kind of fun compared to pencil and paper. I also get spell checking built in as you can see lol. Not that I can type during daylight hours ether.

Image Hosted by

It would be cool to have a Ports managment tool thats really simple yet really powerful. Easy for newbie/guibies yet powerful enough to administer the system from.

Wow… just like when I’m sleepy I find a comment like this as I read lol

2230:         /*
2231: * If the new process paused because it was
2232: * swapped out, set the stack level to the last call
2233: * to savu(u_ssav). This means that the return
2234: * which is executed immediately after the call to aretu
2235: * actually returns from the last routine which did
2236: * the savu.
2237: *
2238: * You are not expected to understand this.
2239: */
2240: if(rp->p_flag&SSWAP) {
2241: rp->p_flag =& ~SSWAP;
2242: aretu(u.u_ssav);
2243: }