Happy Halloween

Ahhh, the biggest candy eating day of the entire year :-).

Cool, live journals even got the tar bar styled for the holiday lool.

The best part about Halloween is getting dressed up and going trick or treating… I might be to old for the costume buy I ain’t dead yet to candy raiding here I come xD.

I remember my first trick or treat trip. I had my cowboy boots, hat, and six guns on and cloths to match. Over the years I’ve been a Star Fleet Captain, Commander, Lt Commander… Dracula, Darth Maul, and a Cyborg… Hehe till I got to old to join in the fun :-(.

Oh well hehe, there is always chocolate.

The difference between ammunition

Normally I’ll keep one FMJ and one JHP weapon on me at all times, in case I need to shoot through some thing or NOT shoot through it.

My kit,

Helmet, No Armour.

H&K G36C Entry Carbine, 5.56x45mm FMJ.

Glock Model 17 Pistol, 9x9mm JHP.

3x Flash Bang, 1x CS Gas, 1x Sting grenades and C2 package.

Fresnal Station was the map, most targets only have shirts or coats on, no body armour.

On average it took at least 4 rounds from my G36 to put down the target. Using my Glock it was an average of 2 rounds -> and I normally try to fire a tap into the targets high centre of mass and follow up with a tap to their head/neck.

The G36 is much more powerful then the Glock, but because of the JHP Ammo the Glock was a lot more powerful and effective against the enemies on Fresnal then the G36 with its FMJ ammo.

I’ve generally found in SWAT4 that it’s usually worth while to switch to FMJ/JHP depending on if the enemy has armor or not. My only complaint is that the JHP tends not to penetrate a GAS MASK to well… Not good when I have a habit of relying on head shots to make sure the target is going down hard (kill shot) when I’m firing at close range (1-2 metre).

I suppose it’s better then Raven Shield through…. 3 Round Burst, MP5/10A2 (10mm) with JHP and all 3 rounds hit the window but won’t hit the tango behind it unless you do a 1..2.3 firing, e.g. 1 shot to break glass and a staggered followup shot(s) to hit the tango as the glass finishes breaking.

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Live Ops !!

Wowsa, two live ops today and great after action reports to follow them, just got to post them.

Mission was a sucess so I’ll give the RvS guys more Intel for their super-live op event coming up hehehe.

I’ve also got a bit of a making of going and I’m working on creating some post-campaigne statistics that summerise the missions.

It’s been over a year of work, it’s gone from 2 maps to 12 but heck it’s been fun !

uneasy night….

I find rest comes difficult tonight….I’m tired so I don’t want to be up all night working on stuff but yet, I can’t see to relax =/.


Days recap

A good nights rest followed by morning errands and the usual first on stuff I don when I log on my computer.

Around 1400-1800 local I ran some training. I hope people learned from it, personally I feel like I tend to get a bit of a boring ‘professor windbag’ nature in spots… But that’s just my opinion lol. We covered T-Junctions, Intersections (in less detail), and I showed them all 3 methods in the SOP’s — usually we only teach one. But hey, if I’m doing a training session where T-Junctions are the focus, I’m bloody well going to try and show them all the elements of it! As long as people are interested in learning it.

We also got to try an idea I had awhile back about leapfrogging through a hallway with an opening in the side. Some thing I’d like to include as a standard method of movement if the Damocles Project ever goes green. It worked quite well one we tried it and did it a couple times so every one understood how to do it. But as we all found out, unless every one knows what they are doing it’s to hazardous lol -> Perfect subject of rmembers focused training xD.

I also got to talk/show them a bit about exposure and movement. Like, if your moving down a hallway and an enemy was to walk into the hallway a head of you. Where do they see first? Where will they see last? And that’s the spot you want to be standing hehe.

Also worked a bit on Double tapping, I’ve never really trained on that before, to be honest I think I never trained any one else in some of the things we did today lol. Unless you count my self or a few on the fly demostrations. I think the shooting sid ewent ok, it’s still felt a little odd though. For me learning it was some thing I did during my other training, not some thing that I did especially.

Joined the boys for a few rounds in TG#3 aftewards before Dinner and got to enjoy the usual problem. In this case, between My mother, the phone, the TV, the Dog, the yelling/shouting of SWAT4, and Random I couldn’t figure out what the heck we were doing loool.

Double helpings of pasta and meatballs for supper and a brownie so this is a good day lol, any one that includes pasta… hehe.

I could think of some thing that would really help me finish off the day right, but I know it’s not a factor so no need to torture myself…

As for tomorrow, ether training or a live op int he SWAT4 dept depending on whose online and when hehehe.

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Some training time

Time to think of my lesson plan a bit for tomorrow. I’m hoping to do some work on T-Junctions, Intersections, and Hallways in RvS.

I’ve only got 2 good stock maps in mind for it and one custom that’s on the server. That I think would be great since it has plenty of areas we could use. I just need people in the training session who have the bloody map installed before I can use it =/.

I can also use the time to do a little drilling on shooting techniques

I’d like to do some stair well drills but there are no good stair wells in RvS, most are safe tactically…. Which is good because most are so glitchy you’d be dead if you had to get in a shoot out going up/down all the time.

For SWAT4 I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing when it comes to maps.

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old books

Well, when I left Recruits Jarle and Ambu I had planned to lay down… I guess you could say that I’m not the kind to rest and relax when there’s stuff to be done =/.

I only really know two modes of operation, lazy quick & dirty and as good as it’ll come workaholic.

Manged to get Dixie (my laptop) cleaned up a bit, nice to be able to see my LCD TFT again. Tried to get things much neater but I really need to dismantle her and pull out the keyboard. So I can clean up all the grit and doghair underneath it. That is a little more involved then I’ve had mind for right now… best do that when I’m not so tired.

Done some good in re-organzing my shelving — yes I got bored trying to relax =/.

Hahhaa, it figures I get up for 50 seconds or so. And Willows practically sitting on my laptop with a dog toy….. Bollocks.

I’ve been unpacking the 3 boxes of old school books my brother left me (moving away).

The Math, English, Planning your carrier, Social Civics, and Psychology are basically the same as the ones I’ve been doing — it is the same schooling system. The US History and Biology are different, very different. The huge plus is his Biology book is like a 3rd as thick as mine… The one I’ve worked in I’ve also learned a lot more by looking stuff up in the encyclopedia then reading the text book — the joys of school !

Several books on Spanish, not a language I plan on learning but always useful (particularly the good EN-ES dictionaries). The only languages I consider learning are Italion, German, and Japanese. My mom wouldn’t understand a lick of the Italion unless I learned the dialect from where are ancestors come from — and I would want to learn the standard. Japanese would be to much work, so I think trying to learn German was a good idea of the 3 lol. As it figures the school only offers Spanish and french (basic) — lots of luck.

The real gold is the Algebra and Geometry books, I have yet to get mine…. It’s stuff that interests me but that I’ve never had time to devote to learning any of over the years.

Since I’ve sort of inherited this stuff, I guess I should decide what use I an put it to in my studies. The math, I proably should make use of. I’d rather write a computer program to do it for me then sit there and waste my time (I’m not a calculator in school kind of person). And the sad thing is I’d learn more writing a program to do my home work for me then doing the home work….. The funny thing is? He copied a friends answers for most of it hahaha. For the English, well my grades in English have been worst, like a B average and most of the handful of C’s I’ve ever gotten.

This stuff could help me get my own school work done.. And it is important that I get volume done now, rather then correct any way. The only thing is I don’t really like the idea of using old test results to write mine =/, but then again i don’t really have any interest in writing any of the tests out for my school… just a case of having to. Which sucks b/c all it has been doing is wasting my time and that is not good.

I’ve learned more educating myself on different topics then I have learned from schooling and get no credit for the things I’ve learned out side of it. *sighs*

When I graduate… I think I would piss on the diploma if it wasn’t so much trouble to get =/

RSM’s Challenge

Well… I’ve hated not being able to place a score in my own training challenge. I’m used to training on the map with tactical aids and various weapons, although James has often reminded me that it’s not meant for no tactical aids. I like the map because the doors, tangos, and hostages make it a bit tricky.

Especially with the bugs in RvS hehe. I believe in making training hard on my self, why bother if it was easy? I also like playing without a HUD in RvS, because it lets me focus on letting my body work the weapon — not my cross hairs. While I’m horrible at counting my bursts (I tend to lose count) I’ve used many of the weapons so much that I know when to consider reloading without having to check my ammo counter. Even with a HUD on, I usually use it for reminding myself what firing mode I’m in lol.

Kill House: SAS Hallway, Practice Mission on Veteran mode.
Character: Eddie Price (my normal).
Armour: Light Black camo.
Primary: H&K MP5/10A2 10mm FMJ no attachments/
Secondary: SIG-Sauer P228 JHP no attachments.
Tactical: Primary and Secondary magazines.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Only HUD I had was the on screen weapon, I never zoomed and I only used the Sig Sauer for the barrel room because it had my JHP ammo. Fully Automatic on my HK all the time and firing in controlled bursts. I entered each room during clearing except the dark one with the stairs. And one of the ones at the far end I only took a few steps into the room to confirm it clear since it was full of bodies and obstacles I could see through well enough. I also allowed my self to bare in mind the rooms structure when stacking, so I would be on the strong side as often as possible. But without taking into account the suspects positions… which actually almost got me killed on one room.

I tried to keep things going as stack, swing, slice, storm, and move on to the next reloading before a popping another door. From runs I’ve had in the past i know 2:09 is pretty slow but I wasn’t worried much about time so much as actually completing the level.

I *hate* the idea of asking any one to train harder then I would train my self… While the [SAS]_RSM_Spidey01 in me can understand why people can’t do this kind of thing. The [SAS]_Trp_Spidey01 deep down can’t stand not being able to push it harder and further then that last mile stone.

I created the next level of hard training for my self, my personal training… And then asked others to try and do it. People wanted some thing they could practice double tapping on, and I thought this scenario would do the trick. It’s nagged me that I couldn’t do it my self.

How can I ask some one else to do it if I can’t?

Now I can sit back and find my self some thing harder for me to train on. And I can probably try improving my time on the Spidey Speed Run Challenge. I know I could do it faster but I think12 seconds is not worth it when I could try making it harder on me instead, like using a weapon horrible for CQB.

Hmm, you know MP Peaks, Tango Hunt, MP5SD5, no scope and lots of ammo sounds like a good no hud training map for me…

Never forget

Today is the 10 Year Anniversary of my Grandmothers death.

I can remember the last time I saw her, in the hospital the night before. Ma was with her and I was in the front, I wasn’t supposed to be allowed back there (1 visitor at a time I guess). But one of the nurses led me back after awhile so I could see her… I guess they probably figured it was past the point of doing harm.

Ma had found her on the floor and called for an ambulance, I found out about it in the morning so I never saw any of it. Maybe I wasn’t meant to really… I don’t think I’ve really thought about any of this over the years. But with my brains context-sensitivity to recalling things I can still remember it quite well.

The next day after the trip to see her, we were told she past away during the night.

As much as I miss my Grandmother at times, I know I should be happy because she’s in a more peaceful place. And she no longer has to worry about the Alzheimer’s.

It’s been 9 years since we moved and she died a few months after we had come back from Georgia. She had gotten to see where we were (all) moving to and meet my (then future) sister in law. It was like even through the Alzheimer’s she needed to know the family was going to be ok before she left.